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MICE Tourism is an important part of the tourism industry, yet many people have no idea what MICE means! Well, at Harbans Institute we are going to make aspirants understand what mice tourism is, how the MICE tourism industry has grown worldwide and why this type of tourism is so important!

What is Included in the Course

  • Introduction & Role of MICE in the Tourism Industry
  • MICE destinations and facilities.
  • Process and Management 1 (before the event)
  • Process and Management 2 (during and after the event)
  • In Depth Understanding of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions
  • MICE Tourism & its Destinations
  • Process and Management of MICE
  • Future of MICE
  • Project
  • Internship

Apart from the above we will ensure the candidate learns to use technical language, telephonic and public speaking skills to ensure the customer needs are met. We will also emphasize on selling skills with negotiation.

The Student will Learn:

  • Organization skills
  • Business etiquettes and ethics
  • Patience
  • Product Knowledge

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