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Acquire essential knowledge and skills to enter into the industry and become an effective travel executive. This course will emphasize to create basic understanding of the principle sectors of Tourism Industry, key elements, concepts and terminology.

What is Included in Course

  • Fundamentals of Tourism – Basic understanding of Tourism industry and related products and services. Develop the ability to present deals to customers to help them make quick decisions to book their travel requirements. Also develop the ability to plan, design travel packages and demonstrate the expertise to complete a booking procedure.
  • Travel Geography – Proficiency in Indian and World geography with IATA codes and map plotting. The knowledge of geography will give an extra edge to the students in designing itineraries and help them suggest various destinations for travel.
  • Basic Computerized Reservations System – Acquire working knowledge of computerized reservation systems. Provide comprehensive training to book e - tickets, PNR creation, fair display. Learning Availability, PNR creation, Fare Display, E-ticketing

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Job Opportunities

Ground Staff

Backend Reservation Staff

Check-in Staff

Airport Operations

Travel Agency

Cabin Crew

Customer Service

Ticket Generation